Syndicated Research

Providing accurate, actionable perspective and insight.

Reliable intelligence is at the core of a dynamic business strategy. That’s why our syndicated research studies deliver actionable information and critical insights where and when you need them. From a broad overview of the competitive landscape to focused reports on emerging issues, you’ll have data that will not only inform your current decision making but will help you shape your organization’s future.
Building on the thought leadership across all of Market Strategies’ practice areas, Cogent Reports offer custom quality research at a syndicated price, enabling you to maximize your research budget through a seamless blend of custom and syndicated solutions. Leverage our reports to:

  • Identify your firm’s brand strength and positioning relative to the market and your competitors
  • Pinpoint opportunities to improve loyalty and strengthen relationships with key constituents
  • Identify the business challenges and trends impacting specific industries

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Why syndicated research is conducted?

Syndicated research is conducted by market research companies for various purposes:

  • To update their knowledge base on key industries on which they specialize or wish to specialize.
  • To utilize human resources during slack period.
  • To improve visibility of their company by using syndicated research as means to get publicity.
  • To show-off the skills of the company.
  • o update industry tracker and databases provided to their clients on subscription.

These are the major reasons why a market research company invest its funds and time in conducting a syndicate research without any assurance of recovering its cost.

When syndicated research is used?

Syndicated research is often used during exploratory research which follows an unstructured format. It is also used in following cases:

  • When you want to find information about a market before making a plan for full scale custom market research.
  • When you want to use data pointers and charts during presentations and have no-time to conduct custom research.
  • When you want to create an investor pitch and need various data pointers on short notice.
  • When you are running short on your research budget.
  • When you need information for use in your research thesis.
  • When you are working in news agency and want data for your article or news story.
  • You are a venture capitalist or investor and want to be updated about trends happening in various industries, markets and companies of your interest.

What’s the cost of syndicated research?

The cost of syndicated research reports varies from reports to reports and publishers (market research companies who conduct syndicated research). But one thing is certain that syndicated reports are much cheaper compared to custom market research. On an average they are almost 10 times cheaper than custom market research studies of the same scope.

The main reason for the lesser price of syndicated research reports is that they are made available to anyone who is willing to purchase them in an open market. Whereas in case of a custom market research the data is only made available to the client and are often governed by non-disclosure agreements.

Thus the company conducting syndicated research prices their reports a lower price point and hope to recover their cost by selling to multiple customers globally.

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