The indexation procedure

  Evaluation procedure for Journals Master List database

Formal indexation criteria

In order to submit a journal for evaluation in our Journals Master List database, Editorial office should:

  • Register a journal in  our Journals database, that is create its Journal Page (learn more about journals registration),

  • Fill in an Evaluation Questionnaire and send it us before Specifiy date,

  • Enable Our Experts to have access to Issues from the Evaluated Year

Evaluation questionnaire

Fill Details Online and should not be sent via e-mail or by post. ATTENTION: Once the questionnaire has been sent, the possibility to make changes in the form is irrevocably blocked. Please fill out the questionnaire carefully and send it after having ascertained that all entered data are correct.

Journal issues

1. If a journal is published only in electronic form, you need to submit to the Journal Passport full articles published in the evaluated year (learn more about submitting publications).

2. If a journal is published only in paper form, you need to send a copy of each issue published in the evaluated year to the Index Copernicus’ office.

3. If a journal is published in both electronic and paper form, the condition may be fulfilled in one of the above-mentioned ways. Preliminary indexation requirements

For For a journal to fulfill indexation standards in our Journals Master List database it should possess:

Subject character - the predominant part of the articles published by a journal during the two years proceeding the date of fulfilling the questionnaire constituted reasearch articles, i.e. articles that present results of original empirical, theoretical, technical or analytical research, with the title of publication, authors’ names and surnames along with their affiliation and articles that present the current state of knowledge, research methodology, tenor of research process, research results and conclusions along with cited sources (bibliography). Polemical and review studies, as well as glosses and legal commentaries published in scientific journals are also counted as research papers.

• Minimum number of published research papers – it depends on publishing frequency of particular journal.

Current ISSN number - a journal may be in paper form with ISSN number, in electronic form with eISSN number or in both forms. The form does not influence a journal evaluation.

Journal was published the whole evaluated year - this condition means that the Editorial office should publish as many issues as it stems from a journal frequency. If a journal was established in evaluated year, it is a quarterly journal and only 2 issues have been published so far, the evaluation will be possible in the next indexation year.

Active and up-to-date website - if a journal does not have separate website, the website of the Publisher, university with a special section dedicated to the journal may be provided.

• Published review process of research papers alomg with code of ethics.

Non-Non-compliance with one of the above-mentioned condtion shall result in refusal of indexation. Journals that do not meet formal or preliminary requirements, do not have enumerated current International Impact index will remain rightful owners of the Passport in the International Impact World of Journals database. Editorial offices are able to regularly update the data about the journal, enter published articles or submit for evaluation in the following year. Evaluation process and results

Once the above indexation requirements have been met upon the set date, a journal will undergo evaluation according to the CII Journals Master List database methodology (ref="21-methodology-evaluation.aspx">learn more about evaluation methodology).

EvalEvaluation in the International Impact Journals Master List database in the normal mode is free of charge. Evaluation process of particular journal is performed in accordance with application order. The results of evaluation are posted in autumn. All information about the current evaluation status of particular journal is stated in its Passport, as well as sent to the e-mail address of journal Representative.

ATTENTION: If Editorial office did not manage to submit a journal for evaluation in standard, free of charge mode or would like to get the results of assessment within 14 days, the Editorial office has the option of using accelerated evaluation path, namely Evaluation on Request.

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